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  • New Version Available:

    Today (March 16, 2016) we have released a new version of AutoPlay Media Studio (v8.5.1.0). Commercial users can download the new full installer from your customer portal.

    This release contains the following features and bug fixes:
    • Feature: Added SHA-256 code signing support.
    • Feature: Added the ability to dual-sign apps (SHA-256 and SHA-1).
    • Feature: Added a password field for the code signing certificate(s).
    • Feature: Added a few items to the 'System.GetOSProductInfo' action's constants.
    • Change: Removed support for signing with signcode.exe, instead use signtool.exe.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug in the 'Registry.GetValueNames' action which caused it to fail.
    • Fix: Made an attempt to prevent an occasional build error from occurring duing the manifest injection step due to a timing issue.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug in the 'ListBox.SetVisible' action where it was not working correctly if 'Checklist box' was enabled.
    • Fix: Made the 'Clipboard.IsTextAvailable' plugin action return false if there was a text entry on the clipboard, but it's data was empty. Updated version to
    • Fix: Fixed an issue where the File Layout dialog could crash in some situations.
    • Fix: Changed references in AutoPlay from Windows Server 10 to Windows Server 2016.
    • Fix: Reset the internal last error code in a location where it was being returned from GetLastError. No actual error was occurring.