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  • What's new in 2.0?

    First of all, let me say that I *love* Autorun Max. I have used it as a wonderful marketing tool, and it has a clean, professional look that gets lots of compliments. However, I do have a question about version 2.0.

    I purchased this software based on a post in the forums I saw allowing you to edit the interior text in a paragraph via the "web object" tool. Come to find out, that was an error--there is no web object in 2.0. This is actually the *only* reason I upgraded. Anyway, after tinkering with version 2.0, I have to ask--what's different from version 1.0? I don't see any functionality differences at all, but perhaps I'm missing something. It just surprises me since, with a $100 upgrade, I'd certainly expect the functionality to vary widely from version 1.0. I've looked all over the website and maybe it's there, but I can't see a list of improvements over version 1.0.

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    The new features are listed here

    Adam Kapilik