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Buttons with transparency are broken

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  • Buttons with transparency are broken

    Why is it that my buttons with transparency work fine in the Button Maker (hovering or clicking in the transparent areas) but once they are part of my project the transparency becomes an unclickable area?

    For example I've laid out my project in Photoshop and then hidden all layers but my button's up state (which contains transparent gaps in it), I then crop and save it out with a transparent background as a PNG-24. I then do the same for the down state which is also the active state.

    I then open up the Autorun MAX! 2.0 Button Maker and browse to the up and down/active states of my button and you can click on the transparency and it registers as a click 100% of the time, I think, "Great!" I save. Then once I place my button in my project and preview it the transparent sections no longer register hits.

    I even added a 1% white layer to see if that would aid the hit detection, no dice.

    What do I have to do to get the transparencies to register clicks?

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    the Button Maker tool in Autorun MAX! does not allow you to set hit detection on transparent areas. I can give you two alternatives:
    1. You may install the evaluation version of AutoPlay Media Studio and use the Button Maker included in the product to adjust your buttons. Once installed, you find the Button Maker in the "Tools" sub folder of AutoPlay Media Studio. Open your button file with the tool, and in the right Properties pane, set the "Hit Threshold" value to -1. Save the modified button and load it into Autorun MAX!.
    2. You can edit the *.btn file manually as well. Rename your button file from "*.btn" to "*.zip", and uncompress the contents into an empty folder. You should see your original image file(s), and a file named _manifest.xml. Using Notepad, open the XML file and change line 13 from "<HitThreshold>200</HitThreshold>" to "<HitThreshold>-1</HitThreshold>". Save the file, and replace the old file in the zip with the modified version. Then rename the *.zip to *.btn and use it in Autorun MAX!.



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      I had this problem as well... thanks for the info, Ulrich!