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start.exe ist detected as virus!

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  • start.exe ist detected as virus!

    Hi, i am using autorun max 2.4 and have created a "start.exe" (without an autorun.inf) for USB-Sticks. This exe start several programmes on the USB. Problem: This exe is always detected as a virus. How can i solve this problem?

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    Hello, please make sure that this alert is not being caused by one of the files included in your application. It is very unlikely that the autorun runtime itself is being detected as a virus. To check, you can build an empty project using the blank template, build it and then verify the executable which was created at, like I just did here: 72eb6c4cbf04f9/detection

    As you can see, there are no issues. If you wish direct assistance with your project, you can contact me privately at the web site linked in my signature.
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      thanks for your help. My files are clean in But still Norton finds the [COLOR=#000000 ]"WS.Reputation.1". I have found some issues to this problem in google, seems to be a Norton problem. ;-)[/COLOR]