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Question: hidden buttons

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  • Question: hidden buttons

    I have used AutoPlay Media Studio in the past, and in one project we used a hidden button that would only appear when you ticked a box.

    Would I be correct in thinking that this is not possible in Autorun MAX, my company wants to purchase software but is more interested in cheaper Autorun MAX than AutoPlay (typical!)

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    You can achieve this if you use a button to emulate the checkbox and its caption, and then jump to a different page which is a duplicate of the former page, with the difference that there the hidden button is visible. Upon clicking the checkbox button again, you would jump back to the former page where the control appears as initially unchecked.

    You probably could work your way around the lack of support for Lua scripting sometimes, but not in all situations. What would cost more to the company - the extra hours you spend each time to emulate more the sophisticated features that are missing in Autorun MAX!, or the small price difference between Autorun MAX! Business and the full AutoPlay Media Studio?