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How to join two projects

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  • How to join two projects

    I prepared a complicated navigational project as a separate one. Now I want to insert it where it needs to go. The project to receive new pages has 15 pages already numbered from 01 to 15, the project Ineed to bring in has 17 pages numbered from 30 to 47. How do I go about it?

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    Page import and export is not provided in Autorun MAX!, you would need AutoPlay Media Studio for this.

    Your only option at this point is to edit the project file manually, inserting the pages from one project into the other project file, and copying the resources (images, sounds, buttons, etc.) over. Autorun MAX! project files are written in XML.



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      I thought of that yesterday...

      Thatis exactly whay I did. I opened both projects with a text editor and found that nothig was different in the lines at the beginning until you get to the "Pages", except for a specific command:


      I do not understand why it has a 0 in some of my projects a 1 in others and 24 and 25 in others till.

      Y wrote a 30 for that value in my "joint" project and did not see any effect or anomally in its function so far.

      Thanks again


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        Well I suppose there is a question in what I wrote before:

        Q. What is the correct value to insert in <CurrentGrounp>24</CurrentGrounp>

        I wrote 30 but I do not know what will this affect.


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          Please note that editing the project files is not officially supported, and this approach may or many not work.

          The Group element in the XML controls if objects on the page are grouped and can be dragged as a single entity. The CurrentGrounp element holds the last group identifier that was used. After merging the pages, you can set that element to the highest value of all Group elements used on any of your pages.



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            Well then, appart from that information, everything seems to be working just fine. Thanks Ulrich.