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AutoRun Max 2 - maximum filename length to hyperlink to

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  • AutoRun Max 2 - maximum filename length to hyperlink to

    Hello all, sorry a basic question, i'm new to AutoRun Max. I am creating a document bible and some of the documents that i am linking to in the index have quite long file names. If i select a file with a very long filename it just ignores it, and will not create a link to that file. I assume this means that there is a maximum length that is allowed, but i cannot find what that is.

    Can anyone help please?


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    All Windows programs are subject to these general rules: Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces.
    No path (the full name to a file, including drive, folder, file name and extension) can be longer than the MAX_PATH, which is 260 characters.

    Please note that when you burn the project to a CD/DVD, the allowed path is even shorter because of the limitations of that media. The hard drive uses the NTFS file system, while the CD uses CDFS. AutoPlay Media Studio and Autorun MAX! burn the media following the ISO 9660 standard. This means that filenames cannot be longer than 31 characters, including the dot. The same limitation is seen in other products that obey the ISO 9660 standard.



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      Thanks Ulrich