I purchased Autorun MAX with the Content Mega Pack. I received my download link, but where is the all the extra stuff?

Adding the Content Mega Pack to your Autorun MAX order is a great deal! For only $49 extra you get the following $116 value:
  • Background Pack ($29 value) - 1000 background images
  • Button Pack ($29 value) - 1000 button files
  • Image Elements Pack ($29 value) - 1000 images (bars, panels, bullets etc)
  • Music & Effects Pack ($29 value) - 250+ sound effects + 20 music tracks

When you choose to order the Content Mega Pack along with Autorun MAX, you will receive a special download link that contains everything all in one installer. Simply download the file, and install it using the instructions provided. All of the content will be automatically added to the appropriate Autorun MAX gallery tabs for you. For example, when you go to add a new button object, you will now see over 1000 button files to choose from instead of the few dozen included without the Content Mega Pack. The same goes for adding image objects, selecting sound effects or configuring your background music playlist.

Still having trouble? The actual files are installed to folders within "C:\Program Files\Autorun MAX! 2.0 [Business Edition]\Gallery" by default. If you chose to install the software to a different location, simply look there, inside the "Gallery" folder.

Enjoy - Autorun MAX plus the Content Mega Pack make a great combination!