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Raffle Prizes - Random Number Generator

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  • Phil Merry
    Curious1, Thanks

    Will look at it......

    Phil M

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  • curious1
    Seen an interesting Clip on using XML in Arabic today which could provide some techniques that you may want to have a go at .. it is setting up a very simple database using XML , you can start watching from about here: (turn the volume down/off)
    attached is the finnished .apz if youre interested.
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  • Phil Merry
    started a topic Raffle Prizes - Random Number Generator

    Raffle Prizes - Random Number Generator

    Hello all you clever peeps, I have been given the task of 'Managing' an annual raffle event for apx 200-300 club members. I have generated associated members lists and issued number blocks per members, these blocks vary from 10 to 60+ numbers per member.

    The members list and issued numbers are in an Excel file, this file allows for adding additional random numbers as and when the member purchases any additional 'Tickets'.

    What I need to do now is to create an application that will provide for a 'Random Number Generator' to be displayed whilst finding the member associated with that number, obviously storing that number with the members details.

    I would like to engage with someone who is willing to 'hold my hand' on this and increase my understanding. I am a dinosaur programmer/systems & business analyst so have some ancient knowledge of what can and can not be done.

    Many thanks in advanced to anyone who wants to have a go reviving an old git

    ​​​​​​​Phil M