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  • My Android app IPDroid

    I was looking in to making a app that would Talk to a API that would push data to AMS from a android devices, Where this might be very possable I really quickly say there was no need for this as the ams app would have to be always listening to the server and all this and that and a call to call system would just be 2 slow.

    So I was sat there in App Inverter thinking OK really I can make a sound board what is
    so last year or I can close the app and run around with world a few times naked, the last option was out of the question so I relooked at what I could do just as a fast project to
    to the google android platform app inverter a try out and I came up with IPDroid, a Simple app that will return your WAN IP and HOST/ISP name simple yes, but when app inverter came out NO it had no way to talk to a website but now it does via php json strings in a strange config but I got there in the end.

    if you like to have a look all my screen shots and beta of the app is at

    IPDroid - Screen Shots

    Version 0.6 Seems to work in the emulator find so there should be no problem with
    this version even tho its changes a lot back end form 0.4

    To use my app you will also have to go in to your android settings > Applications > and Enable Unknown Sources, this just means it will let none app market programs to work.

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    Great app, I would like to start building apps for andriod too =) .


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      I think App Inverter is in public beta so go give it a shot, my app users a website also to power its returns its but when you get your head around the block system what is **** simple you be making apps in no time.

      Thanks about the app


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        People who download my app please download 0.6 not 0.4, the 0.6 works I just not had time to test it on my had set just yet so thats y its classed as Unstabled as its not tested on a real device where 4 is tested on all my devices.


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          Works on my HTC HD2.


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            Thanks Sakuya, so some reason looks little batter on yours then it does my lol or is that just cos its yours and not mine


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              For the other people that have downloaded it could you tell me how it was and what devices it was on this as been now tested on the HD2 by me and Sakuya but it does look like another 4 people downloaded version 0.6 Sorry I just like to know who used it and how it went, I am have been playing about with android more js/html 5 and well not going well
              the App Inverter seems to be better at this time but thats just me.