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  • Thoughts on this....

    Hi guys,

    I was surfing (the web) and came across "e-books". Spent a little time reading their "This will make you a fortune..." etc. sales pitch. Not impressed. However, as I looked at these "e-books" they seem to be made and compiled in an html format. Buttons for navigation, etc. Maybe in a kiosk mode or something. The end purchaser of an e-book gets an downloadable exe file.

    I'm wondering your thoughts on this. As in....creating my own e-type-book. How would you go about building one of these? I can imagine flash would be a way, but how about html? and using docs, ppt, etc.

    BTW, the cost for the ebook compiler was $29. Then I think you need other add-ons later to make it look less dorky. That's where they get ya......

    In any case, I'd love to hear your reaction.

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    Re: Thoughts on this....

    We use Digital Page Author for our e-books.
    Creates an executable and doesn't require any add-ons at the client end.



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      Re: Thoughts on this....

      I'm nor sure how flash fits into e-books, keep me posted if you find anything out about that...