This util is from

It can be used from the CD with command line args. There is a couple of things it can do that some may find useful.

• blackout
blackout monitors(s) while leaving them on.

• desktop
blank monitors(s) to the desktop color.

• blank
Activate system's screen blanker.

• autoblank=
Enable/Disable timed blanking.

• monoff
Power off system monitor(s).

• standby
Place the computer in standby mode.

• hibernate
Cause the computer to hibernate.

• logoff
Logs off the current user.

• exit
Exits from Windows.

• reboot
Exits then restarts Windows.

• open
Opens/ejects system's CDROM.

• open=
Open/eject specific drive.

• close
Closes system's CDROM.

• close=
Closes specific drive.

• volume=
Set system's audio volume (0-100).

• mute=
Enable or disable the system's audio.

• play=
Play the specified wave file.

• wave=
Set the wave volume only (0-100).

• shake=
Specify mouse sensitivity.

• quiet
Suppress Wizmo's action sound.

• graviton
Activate the built-in screen saver.

• particles=
Set the number of gravitational bodies.

• line
Diagonal particle alignment.

• grid=
Rectangular grid particle alignment.

• trails=
Set the length of particle trails.

• gravity=
Specify the inter-particle attraction.

• sun=
Create a centered gravitational sun.

• blackhole=
Create an invisible gravity well.

• infinite
Open the screen borders.

• elastic
Elastic screen borders.

• stop
Screen borders stop particles.

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