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Any Recommendations for Network Printer

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  • Any Recommendations for Network Printer

    Would really like to get a networkable printer on my home network but not sure what to get...

    No, not a shared printer through a computer but one I can plug into my router via a 10/100 port or wireless.

    What kind of printer... probabably a nice B&W laser printer or if I feel really wealthy (unlikely) a color laser.

    After looking around at the HP's I might even consider a used LaserJet or something?? Seems a 10/100 port is optional for most printers but I'd really like to avoid an external print server.

    (FYI my Router doesn't include a print server either)

    Any body have any ideas? suggestions?? Nightmares! Praises!

    We are talking a very small volume of printouts here so I'd like to keep things around +-$500.. but... I'm a sucker for new good technology.

    Anyway, I don't need a $2000 monster

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    Re: Any Recommendations for Network Printer

    Look for any of the HP LaserJet series, with a JetDirect card. Look on eBay if you would like. The 4Sis are nice for size and printing power, and I think they will take a JetDirect card. Or you can go to BestBuy (or similar place) and get their external JetDirect print server, then plug into it any printer you want. The latter is the setup I run at home. 4 computers connected through a LAN to a Cable Modem and one printer connected to the JetDirect Print Server. I can print and scan through the thing too. Really slick.

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