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  • Bluetooth

    Anyone use Bluetooth ?

    How do you get on with it ?

    Bit slow to pick up ?

    Questions, questions, always questions .....

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    Re: Bluetooth

    Bluetooth has a blog that you might like. I was there yesterday, it's going full steam in light of the recent spate of announcements here there's one more out there too but it looks weak.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: Bluetooth

      Use bluetooth a bit to link up mobile and palm top, nothing else yet. Going to get a USB Bluetooth adaptor for the laptop but I'm not into programming it as yet....

      Why for because?
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        Re: Bluetooth

        I have been bought one of these :

        and a mobile upgrade to enable it to work, I can now walk about looking like something out of StarTrek.
        I've now ordered a Bluetooth adaptor for my PC, and I'm thinking , if I got another, I could network to my partners PC, and if I got a Bluetooth enabled PDA (Ipaq ?) ....

        Where will it all end ?