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Windows - it does my head in sometimes!

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  • Windows - it does my head in sometimes!

    I remember my father saying to me "Windows is a bit thick at times" He wasnt kidding!!

    I just installed Unreal II and discoverd my video card was 'OK' with it but could be improved - tutt! I suppose i'll have to buy another one [what a bummer when that happens]

    So i install my new card and the drivers for it. Upon rebooting, my keyboard doesnt work!!?? So i take a look in Device Manager and it tells me it cant load the keyboard drivers 'possibly damaged/corrupt' ... how on earth did that happen? It worked fine a minute ago! Do you think i could get it to work? - no way!!
    Result: reinstall windows! - it does my head in sometimes!

    i also took this oppertunity to purchase a new keyboard - well something may have been wrong with the other one right (even tho it was working in the BIOS)? The 'KeyTronic KT2001' - incorporating ErgoForce .. feels real nice too and very resposive. This is the second one of theirs i've had, and i recommend them to anyone. The construction and 'feel' of the keys is the best. Anyway, back to work now :(
    = Derek
    ["All glory comes from daring to begin" - fortune cookie]

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    Re: Windows - it does my head in sometimes!

    Your dad's hilarious... Accurate too!

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: Windows - it does my head in sometimes!

      I know how you feel. Try upgrading from an All-In-Wonder to a bigger better faster All-In-Wonder on XP! It's a nightmare. Everytime I try to install the drivers, it tells me to be sure my graphics adapter is in VGA mode. Seems to be nearly impossible since XP keeps detecting and installing drivers :confused:

      Best $40 purchase I ever made was Go-Back. It has saved me many-a-times from re-installing.


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        Re: Windows - it does my head in sometimes!

        You did not go for the indiglo keyboard? I was thinking about getting one of those. A new video Card would be nice too. So will this be the start of a IR based Unreal II tourney?
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