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Freelancer sought in Vancouver area

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  • Corey
    Re: Freelancer sought in Vancouver area

    I suppose Sandy already mentioned that we here at IR offer those services too, here in Canada, i.e. Calgary and Winnipeg. But if you're specifically looking for someone local I can see how that might not help.

    We also have a series of really affordable training CD ROMs coming out by November which make it sooooo easy to learn AMS that if you can get a decent designer on board who isn't necessarily an expert in AMS, could certainly help you train them to be competent in a couple weeks. I think it's perfectly ethical to say to a prospect, "Hey we use AMS, if you want the job you have to learn these CDs first, on your time." So that's always an option.

    Anyhow best of luck in every regard, I hope someone great turns up... No matter who it is you know they can count on full support from all of us here in the forum to help in any way we can.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software

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  • ricday
    started a topic Freelancer sought in Vancouver area

    Freelancer sought in Vancouver area

    I am looking for a freelancer who is an expert with AMS and SUF. We are a leading Canadian book publisher and I am looking for an expert to help us to create autorun install routines for CD-ROMS we sell in Canada and the USA. Some of the installs are simple; others may challenge your skills

    Please contact me directly: [email protected] I will respond weekdays.

    Many thanks to Sandy for permission to post this. Indigo Rose rocks