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throw out your TVs guys ... bedlam is on the way

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  • Now here's an interesting image. Reload your page and watch how much the figure grows, all within the space of time it takes your browser to refresh the page.



    No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. It really is growing by $millions each second!
    Staggering, isn't it?

    Any of you, still believe the US Dollar will never implode?


    • The price of silver when I started this thread a little over a month ago, on March 7:

      The price of silver, today:

      Let's see if it breaks the 'mythical' (according to traditional wisdom) barrier of $50 by tomorrow?

      With recent news being leaked out of Bilderberg (by veteran reporter Jim Tucker) that Kissinger is pushing the Obama administration for a fullscale ground invasion of Libya, and with JP Morgan-Chase & HSBC so close to being forced to make a call on their naked short positions on silver, I expect another surge upward during May.

      If you have money, put it into silver NOW.
      Or give it to me, so I can!

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      • Originally posted by mystica View Post
        After consulting my crystal ball, this is what I see happening:

        * During the course of the rest of this year, the royal dictatorships of the Middle-East will systematically fall, one by one, into the hands of the Moslem Brotherhood after takedowns by the globalist cartels. These takedowns will be engineered under the guise of 'staged' revolutions backed and supported by UN/NATO ...

        Here it comes.
        Get ready for the takedown of Syria:


        Coming to a nightly mainstream news-broadcast near you: more live pictures of death, mayhem & destruction. All under the guise of humanitarian-aid. And all courtesy of the globalist cartels.

        Mmmm, genocide.
        Doesn't it just warm your heart? I've got a warm, fuzzy feeling all over, right now.

        And don't worry if u miss it. Yemen will be next.
        After all, Kissinger is depressed at the moment. And nothing cheers the old chap up like a good ol' Bilderberg-style blood-letting.


        • Geez, seems like Mystica's right again.
          I take it all back, mystica. You're not a ranting, crazy man after all.


          • Oh no! It's The Main Consensus, again!
            I was wondering where he got to.


            • Well now, what do we have here?
              Hands up all those still saying the collapse of the US Dollar is an unlikely event?

              What does this mean for you & me?
              To find out, read on.

              The TV is telling you different, but the signs of an impending economic-catastrophe are ubiquitous now. A global Great Depression is barrelling down on all of us, so why is everyone still asleep? Does the media still have everyone snared into a catatonic trance? Time for folks to break their lifelong conditioning, i think. This is something that doesn't have to happen.

              Demand an end to fractional reserve-banking, and abolition of the Fed. Do that, and we'd all be free from economic tyranny, for good.
              If only people would wake up.
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              • This is something that doesn't have to happen.
                Oooo yes it does, if it does not happen people will just continue in there slumber, you want the people to listen, you first have to make them suffer ..........

                Im actually looking forward to the day it all goes tits up.... im prepared to do what ever it takes to feed my family, by hook or by crook, whatever it takes

                when people are starving in the streets and watching there children suffer the same fate, then and only then, will they be prepared to do what it takes to end this bullshite!!
                Embrace change in your life, you never know, it could all work out for the best


                • Told ya' so:

                  Moslem Brotherhood Urges Protests In Syria
                  Tens of thousands of Syrians in new 'day of rage'
                  Globalist orchestrated, of course.
                  Get ready for the Syria takedown.
                  .................................................. ..........
                  Told ya' so:

                  Gas Prices Jump to $3.91 a Gallon, Heading to $4
                  $5/gallon by October, of course.
                  .................................................. ..........
                  Told ya' so:

                  Dollar Retreats To 2½-Year Low
                  Yet another ubiqutous sign of the coming Great Depression, of course.
                  .................................................. ..........

                  XD. I'll just bury my head in my AMS project and pretend nothing's happening, shall I?


                  • I'll just bury my head in my AMS project and pretend nothing's happening, shall I?
                    That's the spirit Mys, its bliss in the bubble you know, is it ignorance or arrogance that keep the sheep in there designated field!
                    Embrace change in your life, you never know, it could all work out for the best


                    • Double told ya' so:


                      No, there's no New World Order! No, there's no conspiracy!
                      I'm burying my head in my AMS code, and going back to sleep now.
                      Double sigh.


                      • And h-eere's Osama! Look we killed him, again!

                        Hahaha! This whole Bin-Laden scam is like a bad re-make of Weekend At Bernies. How many times have they've killed him, now? I think this is about the 9th time, isn't it? Old Osama just keeps on a comin' back. :lol

                        Guess we can expect a major globalist-staged terror-attack on US soil soon, now they've rolled Osama out of deep-freeze to hype the reprisal fears. Better give up some more of your rights, yankees. 'Cause Osama's people coming to get ya!
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                        • Originally posted by mystica View Post
                          Better give up some more of your rights, yankees. 'Cause Osama's people coming to get ya!
                          Told ya' so:

                          Now that Osama Bin Laden is dead, can we fire the TSA and bring back freedom in America?

                          Police State Expands On Bin Laden Death Hype

                          I wonder how long it's going to be before Pakistan is invaded, now. These guys are just unbelievable!


                          • Alex Jones Mega Rant

                            Hahaha, this is very funny!

                            Look, love him or hate him (and i can certainly understand why Alex gets under the skin of so many), no matter which way you cut the mustard, this guy's info is always 100% solid.

                            I've heard him accused of being CIA disinformation agent, CoIntelPro, conspiracist, lunatic, and a hundred other different labels from here until Sunday. And yet, his info virtually ALWAYS turns out to be solid. I so-ooo enjoy his little mega rants!

                            The 'real' rant starts at about 07:20, and then really ramps up at about 09:00.
                            YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!
                            Hahaha, classic. Jack Nicholson, eat your heart out.
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                            • Source:

                              OMG, yawn. What did I tell you? These terds are so predictable. So now we're probably going to see another false-flag attack on home-soil, staged by the globalists. And all to justify an attack on Pakistan. It's going to be 9/11 all over again. How many are going to die this time?

                              Here's what I think:
                              BinLaden's been long dead; just like Pieczenik leaked to the independent-press years ago, and again on Tuesday.
                              (See here for Pieczenik story:
                              He's been taken out of deep freeze and rolled out for display now, so the globalists can hype fear for a reprisal attack at home. They then stage a 9/11 style false-flag attack on home-soil, so they've got 'justification' for a hit on Pakistan.

                              Why Pakistan you ask? Think about it. They've been busy destabilizing the Middle-East for months now. First Eygpt, then Libya. Syria's about to fall, and next it'll be Yemen & Bahrain. What do these countries have in common with Saudi Arabia? Look on a map, 'cause they all form a geographic barrier around the country. The globalists want total control of Saudi oil and the house of Saud knows it. Why do you think Prince Bandar has been visiting Pakistan? Saud smells a betrayal in the air and has approached Pakistan to seek shelter under their nuclear umbrella. The globalists don't like it, so now they need an excuse to neutralize Pakistan.

                              So now, some globalist smartarse (betcha this was Kissinger's brainchild!) has come up with the idea to roll Bin Laden out of the deep freeze. Hey yeah, look, we killed him! Again! I mean, come ON! How many lives does this dude have? And just how stupid are people for buying into this myth? Seriously, you'd have be a total brain-donor to believe this fairytale. Talk about cognitive dissonance!