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throw out your TVs guys ... bedlam is on the way

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    Hey all,

    Just thought I'd throw this in before everyone goes too iodine crazy. The CDC has some info online regarding dosages, dangers, etc.

    Also, with all kinds of potential fallout, remember that water is your #1 friend, if it's properly treated. If you have a Reverse Osmosis system great!! If not (they're kind of expensive - but it's all relative) at the very least, add an Activated Charcoal filter (in the UK, you can probably hire RizlaUK to install one...) to your water supply for your drinking/cooking water.

    We're up here in Alaska keeping an eye on this as well.



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      I didn't know you lived in Alaska, how interesting.


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        Hey Tone,

        We really need to get a Google Earth and all the AMS forum users can input their location/username to get an idea where we all are...



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          in the UK, you can probably hire RizlaUK to install one...
          Ha, yea, even without this situation, i would recommend one anyway, lots of nasties in our water!

          Mys, the global markets are going into chaos, could this be the start ?
          Embrace change in your life, you never know, it could all work out for the best


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            I Want to Add a Little Touch to this Trhead...
            Originally posted by RizlaUK
            could this be the start
            Look a this video...

            Whe are so Small... we are so weak... we are so Brave... We are so Humans...
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              Why is that horse man green :P


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                Originally posted by MadDogDean View Post
                Hey all,

                Just thought I'd throw this in before everyone goes too iodine crazy. The CDC has some info online regarding dosages, dangers, etc.
                Too late it seems ...

                Panic Buying: Stocks Of Potassium Iodide Exhausted In U.S.

                Originally posted by RizlaUK View Post
                ... Mys, the global markets are going into chaos, could this be the start ?
                Hang on, let me check my crystal ball. LOL, kidding.
                It's just a knee-jerk market reaction, I'd say. Japan's just lost a huge percentage of its energy output capabilities, so the country's industrial/manufacturing output is going to be significantly reduced for some time. Ergo, less demand for oil-consumption in its internal supply-chain, etc ... Less demand equals lower global oil prices. The Japanese economy is going to be in turmoil for a long time.

                Have been out all night and only had access to mainstream news, so was listening to BBC reports all night. Couldn't believe how much they were underplaying the seriousness of the situation. It was truly disgusting. But what was even worse was the Australian mainstream-media's coverage. Barely a peep out of any of them, they were virtually comatosed on the issue. This is world news of global significance, and the Australian media spent the night talking about our upcoming state election, sport, and the colour of the Australian prime-minister's hair. Unbelievable! The BBC weren't much better, busy spewing lies all night, XD.

                Anyway, finally got home to the internet to find out what's really developed in the last 12 hours. Wow huh, more drama. I'm hearing the containment facility to reactor #2 has now breached. Just seems to keep getting worse. I think this thing might end up eclipsing Chernobyl. The Japanese government have got a history of lying about nuclear accidents and we still don't seem to know the full extent of the disaster. Mainstream media seem to be underplaying this bigtime. Remember how they lied and covered up 3-Mile Island and Chernobyl? The truth didn't come out until 10 years later when all the deformed children started appearing. Those poor souls at ground-zero trying to contain this disaster. They're history, for sure. Why don't they send in the bloody globalists to contain the reactors, instead? We'd be killing two birds with the one stone that way.

                Things are hotting up in Libya. But notice how the media have virtually ignored the Middle-East situation in the last few days because of the Japan disaster? The Saudis have now sent troops into Bahrain uninvited, to contain protestors. I wonder if the globalists aren't actually paving the way to go into Iran? Something very nasty is a brewing, methinks.

                re. the Japan situation, Infowars is giving very good radio coverage that you won't get on the mainstream-media, for anyone interested. These guys broke the news of the first reactor exploding, 4 hours before both Reuters & Associated Press. They're independent of mainstream and know their stuff. You can listen via WMP here if you want, folks:
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                  Thanks for that heads up now can I get this to work on my android phone I wonder as my lass is getting sick of the news


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                    Sim, go to the Infowars homepage and look down towards the bottom-right. There's options other than WMP, plus podcasts of each day's broadcast.


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                      ARE what is playing on it now thats scary man, but I am sure this will work on Winamp for android well I hope.


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                        Each day, they present a 3 hour broadcast on the day's major news stories. This 3 hour broadcast is repeated on a loop for the each 24 hour period, so you can listen in at any time.

                        They've just finished talking about Japan, and are now talking about the TRA scanners in the U.S. and about how the globalists are trying to kill the internet. Then the broadcast will be looped again.


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                          with more and more people *waking up* via the net, i can see something going down, once they penetrate google and bing (if they haven't already) sites like infowars/zietgiest etc will be blocked for sure!

                          lets hope google stick to there guns like they always have, bing on the other hand, well, bill gates is already a globalist puppet so MicroShaft is already under Bilderberg control!
                          Embrace change in your life, you never know, it could all work out for the best


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                            There was just a woman who called into the Infowars radio broadcast, who claimed that Goldman-Sachs evacuated their Tokyo offices immediately prior to the earthquake. Goldman-Sachs! If that's true, you know what it suggests, yeh?

                            Alex Jones was skeptical, and said he'd wanted proof. But very sinister. Probably some nutter, but who knows?

                            There's already a lot of buzz that Google's heavily connected. Some are even claiming it's an NSA/CIA operation collating psych profiles and red-flagging agitators. I'm skeptical on that one, myself. But I can attest that Google has already altered its algorithm to block Infowars & PrisonPlanet from being listed by a number of popular keyword search combinations, such as "alternate news". Alex has mentioned it a number of times. They use StartPage in their offices instead of Google. And yep, Microsoft's a given.


                            Check this out. Freaky Deeky!

                            Both Japan And New Zealand Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions Were Precisely Predicted Last Month By Solar Watchers
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                              Dont go to Far Ok... People...
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                                If you listen to Alex Jones you'll get caught up in the problem and only the problem.
                                A year will go by and you'll realise nothing is changing.
                                He thrives on feeding the problem to people, he makes a living out of it, as well as feeding you adverts every 7 minutes of course. I don't trust him at all. Then 5 years has gone by, and we still aren't talking about the solution.
                                I tried listening again because i thought it was a great thing that all you guys are giving it a try and it could have evoked some great discussions like those in what this thread is turning out to be. I think it's fantastic what's happening here, but 11 minutes later, after the 3rd round of ads i've had to turn the idiot off - i can't stand him.
                                He's not interested in a solution. He has to stay in the problem, where he's got millions hooked.
                                Now i'm not saying that's neccesarily a bad thing short term, but just be aware of what i'm saying. We used to listen to him and David Icke for years, learned an awful of a lot from them. (bloody awful actually - lol ) But he's a TMI merchant, and too much information is dangerous to our cause. This isn't just about the problem, it's also about making a space for solution based ideas and discussions. And remember, while they're pumping out books and making a fortune from selling ads you're the one who's ranting and raving your life away repeating "todays" problem he's feeding you.
                                These are just my opinions, i could be completely wrong.

                                We know what the problems are Alex - what are the solutions dude?

                                This is a great thread, it seems to be getting better. I'm enjoying it immensely - thank you.
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