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    Originally posted by mystica View Post
    Too late it seems ...

    Panic Buying: Stocks Of Potassium Iodide Exhausted In U.S.
    Interesting, I just checked and noticed that while there is a considerable iodine component in regular iodized table salt, 70 mcg per 1/4 teaspoon (with the daily recommended at 150 mcg), I also have 2 different brands of Daily multi-vitamins that each contain 150 mcg of Potassium iodide.

    It used to be more fun taking the Flinstones One-a-Day chewable vitamins, but I'm not sure where they rank on the scale... (Tone, looking at your avatar, do you know)

    BTW Tone, you've made a valid point. I think similar to Infowars is is Coast to Coast Radio (in the US/Canada), but they always seem to attract a different crowd (and the reception goes way down once you put on your tin foil hat.... Sorry about that Mys, but I couldn't resist) :lol

    Honestly though, the discussion raises interesting points and trains of thought. Thanks for starting it Mys :yes



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      Originally posted by Tone View Post
      If you listen to Alex Jones you'll get caught up in the problem and only the problem ...

      He thrives on feeding the problem to people, he makes a living out of it, as well as feeding you adverts every 7 minutes of course. I don't trust him at all. Then 5 years has gone by, and we still aren't talking about the solution ...

      He's not interested in a solution. He has to stay in the problem, where he's got millions hooked ...

      ... they're pumping out books and making a fortune from selling ads ...

      We know what the problems are Alex - what are the solutions dude?

      Couldn't disagree more. Have been listening to this guy for 18 months. He is one of the pioneers of the truth-movement, and has done more to spread awareness of the key issues than any other single indivdual out there.

      Yes, his style/personality can be grating at times, and he's certainly not to everyone's taste/style. But as for your claims about him/them just pumping out books and making a fortune from selling ads: I've heard all these baseless claims before. Not one of these arguments has any real merit. Everyone has to make a living, man. Advertising-revenue is what allows websites to exist, and is just the reality of the way things are. This guy works 18 hours a day to document & back up his claims, and his research is virtually flawless. He's been at this game for 16 years, arrested for his ideals, suffered globalist-persecution that'd send the likes of most people packing, and commands tremendous respect from every key member of the truth-movement. And the globalists frickin' hate him.

      Advertising-revenue also allows him to produce the quality documentaries he's made, and is his primary tool to disseminate the information. How many filmmakers do you know who allow their films to be distributed for free, like he does? He recupes some of his costs and then removes the copyright obligations, actively encouraging free copying and distribution. If that doesn't demonstrate integrity then what does?

      As for your claim of him presenting the problem but not offering any solutions, that's just ridiculous, Tone. He's not an omniscient magician with the solution to the meaning of the universe. This guy's done more to expose these amoral cretins than anyone out there, and is one of the few human beings left on this planet with even an ounce of integrity. You shouldn't bash what you don't understand properly understand. If you have legit grievances against the guy, then sure, let's hear 'em! What you've argued above may be your opinion (and you're certainly entitled to it) but what's the point in spreading the same baseless claims that have already been circulating the web for years?

      Now, if you'd said the same thing about Glenn Beck (the real money-grubbing opportunist),
      then I'd agree with you, LOL. :lol
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        Interesting article on the Japan crisis here, people:
        Alert: F.ukushima Coverup, 40 Years of Spent Nuclear Rods Blown Sky High

        Hey IR, can we remove the filtering from F.ukushima, please?
        It's starting to get really annoying

        The Japanese government has now stopped covering things up, and is freely admitting it's the worst nuclear disaster in history, folks.
        They've admitted now that the containment-facility to reactor #3 is *****ed, and this one is a plutonium-based reactor. A single-particle of this kind of radioactive waste if inhaled into the lungs can kill within 24 hours. Serious stuff!
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          Geez, louise! It's now been confirmed that radioactive-fallout is indeed headed to the continental U.S. The government's saying that there's no health-risk to Americans, but Potassium-Iodide has been sold out all over the country. Man, this thing is big! Hope you guys aren't still relying on mainstream-news to stay informed. If you don't like Infowars or PrisonPlanet, check out some of your other independent media-sources.

          Even Associated Press are now headlining that radiation-levels at the reactor-sites have just soared.
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            Its not the worst at this time there been worse the thing wont leave the place radiated for 50 + years like of nuclerar disasters and I getting little fked off with people worry whats going to happen about the US what about japan its self thats more important at this time fk US, UK or anywhere else thats 100's of miles away japan is right there.


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              Not a single person here, has denied the horror this tragedy has inflicted on the Japanese people and what they're going to have to endure for years to come. But a nuclear disaster of this scale has serious implications for the whole world. If that fallout hits the U.S. then it's going to increase the incidence of cancer-related illness for many Americans. And the implications don't stop there, either. So, why post unwarranted responses like that, Sim? Especially when that have no basis for justification?


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                What the **** are you on about, how is it unwarrented dude really yes it could make more illness's but end of the day that is the future not right this second and if its going to be that bad to the US then its going to be 100's of 1000's times for the japanese, my comments has justication and I really think people should worry about now not what Might happen not what will happen down the road it needs to been sorting out NOW. sorry mystica but your just helping the globalistic bullcrap that is about these days.


                End of the day the problems with might happen if the radiation gets to US will be sorted out when that happens rest of the world as no right to be so selfish right now, not just the US thats ****ing me off with these kind of things the UK are also been bloody stupid also.
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                  I'm not even going to respond to that.
                  Can we have some intelligent comments posted here please, people?


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                    I can't believe you said my arguments were baseless without even asking me where i got my evidence from, then justified what he does by saying everyone's gotta make a living. Where does one draw the line?
                    So by your reckoning it's ok for the NWO to continue ripping us off because they too have mouths to feed?
                    How do you know my arguments are baseless and ridiculous? Without researching it do you know off the top of your head how much he cleared last year after paying for the maintenance of his website and everything else?
                    These are just your opinions, remember that, and everybody is entitled to their own without someone else saying they are ridiculous, baseless or unjust.
                    This is my last comment in this thread.


                    • I'm not even going to respond to that.
                      I Am!

                      Rex, i feel for them but if they decide to build a nuclear reactor on a major active fault line then that's there problem, but now its the rest of the worlds problem, that radiation WILL travel the world and we will all feel the fallout, its not selfish to want to protect oneself and ones children, call me selfish coz i worry what effect this will have on my children and me and you will have a huge fallout mate, this is huge, not just for Japan, its now a global disaster!, PERIOD!

                      When (not if) those other reactors blow, the radiation pollution will match if not beat the levels that Chernobyl emitted and that will have a effect on the whole dam planet

                      Its bad that the japs are going through this, its even worst that people 1000's of miles away are also going to die because of this disaster, its global Rex, not selfish!

                      Mys, i watched that 7.7 doc'o last night, sickening, some facts i knew, a lot i didnt, also, Alex choose some dam dumb Brits to talk to, we aint all like that, lol, i feel ashamed, that's the image we send out, tell him to get his ass back over here and interview some intelligent people!!, lmao

                      And to see Alex hailing from parliament square, priceless, i wish i had known about that, i would have been right there next to him, notice tho how we also have been silenced!, its illegal to protest anywhere in the city expect speakers corner (Hyde Park) (using the poll tax riots as an excuse i guess), and anyone with half a brain stays well clear from there, usually god botherers preaching there stuff!

                      Another thing, i had no idea Blair signed a bill to enable the government to impose marshal law at will, guess they anticipate the British public *waking up*
                      Embrace change in your life, you never know, it could all work out for the best


                      • @Tone,

                        Well, okay. Calm down for a sec there, Tone.

                        I said your claims were baseless because: many people automatically assume that if someone collects advertising-revenue to run a website they must be charalatan. It's a bit like saying that if someone sees advertising on Worm's website, he must be in it only for the money. You'd agree that such an assumption is ridiculous, because Worm has given so much of himself to this forum. You see the parallel I'm trying to draw, yeh? And it's a common misconception. Alex Jones has given much of himself to the truth-movement for the benefit of others, and i know this because I've studied many independent article's on the man's background for some time.

                        The general gist of your post was that Alex Jones was using 'fear-mongering' to rip people off. Which is standard knee-jerk reaction that many people have when first hearing his stuff, and they say this without any real understanding of who the guy is, what he stands for, or what he's done.

                        I'm not saying you're one of these same people. But if you have hard-evidence that Alex Jones is a ripoff-merchant, then that's fine. Show us, and I'll listen to what you have to say. But please don't character-bash the man based on popularist generalisations (and this is what you did) because it does the truth-movement a disservice.

                        And yes, you're right, these are just my opinions. But when i give them, i also give a rationale for having them. Aren't i entitled to that, as much as anyone? If you don't wish to comment in this thread any further, then that's okay, too. But let's all just calm down for a second, eh? Because this has been a pretty decent thread so far, and i'd hate to see it descend into an emotively based slanging-match which'll just end up getting deleted.


                        Originally posted by RizlaUK View Post
                        ... Another thing, i had no idea Blair signed a bill to enable the government to impose marshal law at will, guess they anticipate the British public *waking up*
                        Yes indeed. The Americans have it even worse. You've no idea of the hideous control-grid they've been laying down under the noses of ordinary Americans, until you see some of Alex's stuff on FEMA & the militarization of their civilian police. It's all in anticipation of the civil riots that'll erupt if/when they collapse the US dollar. It's just horrendous! Like i said earlier, the founding-fathers of America must be rolling around in their graves right about now. I really feel for some of the american forum-members here like Soldier & Jassing, who're gonna have to deal with this stuff, first. Stash your guns, Soldier! You're gonna need them!
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                        • Use as people should worry not what I was saying, maybe I little 2 blunt in that I was meaning, I was meaning that all the goverments are bitching about it but look at the news 90% if is not whats going to happen then it pops but whats going to happen to our money and where we going to car parts from, the and My is bloody right the and goverments are not really doing there jobs right and we have to hear it from 3ed partys. The fallout will do harm around the world agreed but not the the levels some people are thinging this is not the first nuclear plant to do this nor will it mostly be the last unless we shut down all the plants what I sure would vote for.

                          Reason I did not reply to the last post was I had to think what be the best way to explain what I meant then had docs but hey I think I got that I mean now, when I say selfish I am really on about money this and money that the news just keeps b!tching about or the war in another country that as nothing to do with use again but the UK are already talking to people about it the war thingy is slowly pushing its self in the news as the second bigist thing.


                          • Again Rex, the war(s) in the middle east do affect us, sooner or later our boys will be out there getting blown up by bombs planted by government terrorists, yes, that's right, government terrorists!!

                            But..... I agree, Sony moaning about semiconductors and the markets struggling to make a profit, fk'em, i can see that side of your argument for sure, but the human cost is something we all have to consider no matter where in the world it is

                            unless we shut down all the plants what I sure would vote for.
                            No Rex, that would play right into the globalist hands, do you have any idea how much tax would be put on our electric bills if the whole world was powered by coal or oil, that's the prefect excuse to hit us with the global carbon tax, shunting down renewable energy is exactly what they want

                            the answer is, don't build nuclear reactors on active fault lines, IMO its a real no briner!!
                            Embrace change in your life, you never know, it could all work out for the best


                            • I think coal and oil should be also be stoped but this is wishful thinking I know it never happen, man many things are a no brainer these days but they still do it right as it saves them money in the short term.

                              Yes and we should not be sending anyone down there its fkin stupid and yes your right they are terrorists we see people jumping on our fights as terrorists so in the clean meaning they been terrorists there selves.

                              I guess I am just a hippy and wish love and peace to the world but look where most free thinking people are these days.
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                              • Originally posted by sim View Post
                                The fallout will do harm around the world agreed but not the the levels some people are thinging this is not the first nuclear plant to do this nor will it mostly be the last
                                Actually, it will, Sim. And this is the whole point. The leak at Reactor #3 has breached the containment-facility, and that's been confirmed now. You're not hearing it on mainstream news because they're not reporting it properly. Is why i keep telling people to go to independent news sources, instead. More importantly, that leak in reactor Reactor #3 is even more serious than people know, because it's a plutonium-based reactor (the others are not). Leakage from a plutonium-based reactor is many times more deadly than a plain uranium-based one, and will kill people deader than a hammer. It may not reach the U.S. but this thing is already worse than Chernobyl. Simply put, it's the worst nuclear disaster in world history. Do you understand that?

                                Originally posted by RizlaUK View Post
                                No Rex, that would play right into the globalist hands, do you have any idea how much tax would be put on our electric bills if the whole world was powered by coal or oil, that's the prefect excuse to hit us with the global carbon tax, shunting down renewable energy is exactly what they want ...
                                Yep, right again. Shutting down energy plants is a key focus-point on the globalist agenda. Rolling blackouts have already started in wide parts of the U.S., and they're slated for Britain too.
                                Beware of SmartGrid technology. It'll be touted as something positive but energy-takeover is what it's all about.
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