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Getting Started with AutoPlay and other Products for N00bs

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  • Getting Started with AutoPlay and other Products for N00bs

    NOTE These views are my own and may not be the view of other users or IR staff members, this is just a guide based on my point of view.

    Before we start posting on the forum, before even signing up what you first need to ask yourself is why, what, will I.

    Why do you want to get in to programming with the IR products, many of us use it for many reason but if you don't have one then maybe this is not for you

    What can you bring to joining the forum as well as getting help for yourself? help can go both ways, if you are here just wanting a little help and not willing to help others out maybe a forum based support might not be for you.

    will I
    Are you willing to keep learning as there are some many ways to do a tasks in IR's products, if your not willing to learn this will just make trouble in the forum and make people upset with you.

    OK you made your mind up this is the place for you, now what is the first thing we do, well we obtain the software from one of Indigorose's many sites like or or even for you scrapbook lovers you follow whatever means IR ask of you for obtaining the software.

    OK good we have the software you rush to open the program and start a test project and WALL + SMACK, yes the UI is user friendly and says everything basic but it does not does not explain each command or click so what do we do well simple, you will see help in your menu bar
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Help.png
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    Click user guide and a window like the image below will show.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Guide.png
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ID:	288105

    This file may contain a lot to read BUT don't be scared and just pass it over, the details within this help file will help you get a footing in the program, this will also help when posting on the forums for help as you wont need to ask the basics that can tick a user off after seeing the same question about a 1000 times.

    OK so you are potting along and you got the basics working but you want to do something you feel is not covered in the help file, and you have tried giving it a go yourself doing the task, function and so on, so you head to the forum now this is where you STOP really guys please please don't just psot use the search first

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Search.png
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    Use the search more search's the better even if all of them return nothing as this will really help your chances of not getting bad reply's later.

    OK so now you have your new post started OK so best plan of action would be to first explain what your trying to do and examples of it if you can if its already done in maybe another programming language or so on, then with the CODE tags or PHP tags post your code you have already tried with this will help the user see whats going on, even better you can go to file and export

    Click image for larger version

Name:	export.png
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ID:	288107
    Note this is the case for AMS I not sure on the actions to export on other IR products

    This will let you export your project as a apz so you can post the hole project this also lets the help'ee see what your seeing.

    Side Notes
    Little things I would say you should not do are as follows.

    Don't bum posts all the time this will get you bad reply's and sorry I mostly be one of the users that will give you a bad reply.

    Don't post one line help requests like "I want xxxxxx help me please", sorry but this shows you have not tried nor are you going to really understand our reply's if you have not done the basics.

    Don't bite the hand thats helping you, if a member helps you and you don't understand them, then explain what you don't understand don't whatever you do just reply i don't understand thats not helping as you will mostly be snapped back at.

    Don't say you can't, wont or unable to read the manual because your not English speaking, I know most places still teach English in there schools and you have to post in English if your able to post English I sure you can read most of it and if your stuck on a word use google translator or babel fish by yahoo I recommend you translate words not the hole thing as google and babel fish are bad at translation of the gramma.

    AMS First time users
    Here is a tut on a hello world dialog app by me [HERE]

    Closing Statment
    With all that said post nice and post the way you want others to reply to you, comment kindness will go along way in this world.

    Good luck in the IR world and welcome.
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