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  • auto launch

    I'm new to this forum so I don't know if this item has been covered.

    Is it possible to have the installed program automatically launch immediately after installation?

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    It can be done using a Custom Action. See Actions > Custom Actions on the menu. You will need to run a "Run Executable" custom action and schedule it appropriately.


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      Brett, I need this too and I'm tired of noodling around. I have the right custom action, but I can't get it to run after the Finish button is clicked on the last dialog.

      Do you know what the correct settings are? If I can just get over this last hurdle, I'll be buying your product. I must say, besides this frustration, it's been awesome.


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        Ok, here is a step-by-step:

        (this example assumes that the main program executable is in your file list and is being installed)
        1. Select Actions > Custom Actions from the menu.
        2. Add a Run Executable action
        3. Set the Run Executable properties to:
          • Settings tab
            • Location: Installed with product
            • File ID: <find the file in your project>
          • Attributes
            • ID: RunProgram
            • Scheduling: Immediate
            • Return: Async no wait
            • <do not enter any Timing entries>
        4. Click OK to accept the custom action and then OK again to get out of the Custom Actions dialog
        5. Select Project > Dialogs
        6. Select the Advanced Edit mode.
        7. In the tree, go to InstallUISequence > Install Completed Successfully
        8. Select the "ExitDialog" dialog
        9. Double-click the Finish button
        10. Select the Published Events tab
        11. Click Add to open the Published Event Properties dialog and set the properties to:
          • Event: DoAction
          • Arguments: RunProgram
          • Condition: 1
        12. Click OK
        13. Move the event above the EndDialog event
        14. Click OK until you are back out to the main screen

        That should do it. I have attached a sample project file for your reference.
        Attached Files
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          Excellent instructions. Camtasia studio might be a huge time saver for you in the future.

          I had tried just about everything except this combination of settings. I think the closest I came was having exactly what you described except for step 12!



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            I have done exactly as described by Brett and it worked wonderfully until I tried to override INSTALLDIR during installation.

            I. e. I have a product being installed into c:\Program Files\MyApp\MyAppMain.exe by default. If user agrees with the default path then MyAppMain.exe is launched when he clicks Finish. But if user changes the default path to c:\Program Files\MyApp2 then installer simply exits on clicking Finish button.

            I tried using "Full path with working folder" ([INSTALLDIR]\MyAppMain.exe) instead of "Installed with product" and got same behavior.

            Any ideas?