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Reinstallmode ecmus - checksum of a file

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  • Reinstallmode ecmus - checksum of a file

    Hi there ,

    my problem is to install a microsoft access database application. The file date of a database will be set to the current date after each opening. So that file will not be replaced during a maintenance install, because the date will be propably newer than the original file date.

    The c in ecmus (standard reinstallmode during maintenance) stands for "Verify the checksum values, and reinstall the file if they are missing or corrupt. This flag only repairs files that have msidbFileAttributesChecksum in the Attributes column of the File Table" (msn info)
    But how to generate that checksum and write it to the table? Or is there another good way to deal with ms-access databases?

    Thanks in advance

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    Are you wanting to replace that database file in a maintenance install, or prevent it from being replaced in a maintenance install?
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]