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Having trouble getting software to install from MSI

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  • Having trouble getting software to install from MSI

    Hi, I was able to make an EXE installer that installs my software fine. After installing the EXE, I'm trying to do a test where I uninstall the product, then install again with the MSI. The uninstall works, but the MSI based installation does not install anything. This is my .bat script:

    echo Removing old version
    msiexec /norestart /qn /x{D7C1AD46-05CE-480E-B5FD-163C3DB2CDF5}
    echo Installing 2.0.1 version
    msiexec /i "c:\users\sen\downloads\ProduceProClient-v2-01.msi" /norestart /qn /l*v producepro.txt REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vamus PROP_PORT=22 PROP_PRINTER="" PROP_USERNAME="" PROP_PRIVATEKEY=""
    When looking through the MSI log, I see entries that look like:

    MSI (s) (04:88) [15:44:54:699]: Component: pproclient.exe; Installed: Absent;   Request: Null;   Action: Null
    Which would indicate that the component is not installed but the installer is still not installing it. I used REINSTALLMODE=vamus, so I would think that everything should get installed. I cannot figure out why none of the components in my installer package are being installed.
    Any ideas?

    The full log is [ here ]

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    I am not 100% sure, but I see that you should not use the "/v" option if you are not updating an existing installation. As you removed the product completely in the previous step, it is possible that the "v" option should not be set, as you are not updating an existing installation - after having removed, there is nothing left to update.

    See the explanation of the "v" option of the REINSTALLMODE on this page, and try to see what happens when you suppress this option. If it does not help, perhaps you could try to drop the REINSTALLMODE completely, as you are performing a fresh install, not an update.

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      Getting rid of
      solved the problem! Thank you so much!