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    Thanks Ulrich, that XPath helped. I found some odd behavior during this too, I notice in your sample code for this your wix fragment file contains the firewall namespace, it's also declared directly in the "Text to Insert" XML fragment.

    The one in the fragment file, does not get included for me, so now my fragment file looks like this,


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Wix xmlns="" />


    And the firewall xml namespace is in the "Text to Insert" field as in your example. That works great, if I try just the namespace in the fragment file and then use "fire:FirewallException" or such like, it can't find the namespace, the output wxs file also doesn't have the namespace included in it, which suggests that the contents of the fragment file seems to be getting ignored.

    Anyway, it works like this, so many thanks for your time.