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Custom Dialog step to collect information

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  • Custom Dialog step to collect information


    Can I in MSI Factory create a customized dialog step to collect configuration information from the user.

    This is the scenario:
    I have an application that neets a set configuration instructions to function.
    The instructions can either be stored in a text file in the installation folder or it can be stored in the registry.
    Basically I need 3 strings from the user for the application to run.

    I would like to be able to set this information at install time, so I don't install the software and then have to do the configuration manually afterwards.
    So I want to be able to collect the information from the user in the installation dialog og maybe as commandline options

    Anyone have hint on how to do this?

    The reason I want to do it at installtime is that the application is a hands-off application and will in 99.9% of the time just run as a service in windows.that creates and monitors connections to Microsoft Azure.

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    Yes, you could create a custom screen, and store the provide information in Properties, so you can process them further in your installer.