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Minor upgrade not copying new files

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  • Minor upgrade not copying new files

    I am doing my first minor upgrade using MSI Factory. I am going from version 8.7 to 8.8.
    I have left the product and upgrade codes the same in the new build. I have updated the version number and left the package code blank (auto generate) in the new build.
    I have used ORCA to verify the file versions have changed from 8.7.1 to 8.8.0 in the new MSI.
    I am using a bootstrapper (setup.exe) to launch it.

    When I run the upgrade, no new files (8.8.0) get copied into the install directory. It leaves the original version (8.7.1) untouched. I even have 2 brand new files that were not in the original install that need to get copied in, but they are not. The log shows that the package code has changed.

    I have searched the forum and found a couple of like issues from many years ago, but there are no solutions posted.

    What am I doing wrong? I used InstallShield in the past and did everything the same way and never had any problems.

    Here are some excerpts from the log file that I generated during the upgrade. Please help.

    MSI (c) (D4:00) [08:26:17:917]: Command Line: REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vemus CURRENTDIRECTORY=C:\Users\test.HSI\Desktop\v8.8 CLIENTUILEVEL=0 CLIENTPROCESSID=468

    MSI (s) (88:58) [08:26:20:260]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Deleting MsiRestartManagerSessionKey property. Its current value is 'b3940e438831504db03326ede7b8dc6c'.
    MSI (s) (88:58) [08:26:20:260]: Feature: Complete; Installed: Advertise; Request: Reinstall; Action: Reinstall
    MSI (s) (88:58) [08:26:20:260]: Component: adduser.exe; Installed: Local; Request: Null; Action: Null
    MSI (s) (88:58) [08:26:20:260]: Component: AdvancedToolStrip.dll; Installed: Local; Request: Null; Action: Null
    MSI (s) (88:58) [08:26:20:260]: Component: arcmgr.exe; Installed: Local; Request: Null; Action: Null

    I have also attached the entire log file.

    Attached Files

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    Do these newer files have a higher version number? Also, which files are not installed - do their names appear in the log?



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      Yes, the new files do appear in the log - just one time. Here are the lines.
      MSI (s) (88:58) [08:26:20:276]: Component: NLog.dll; Installed: Absent; Request: Null; Action: Null
      MSI (s) (88:58) [08:26:20:276]: Component: MathNet.Numerics.dll; Installed: Absent; Request: Null; Action: Null

      I would have expected the Request and/or Action to be something like "Local" if it thought it needed to install them.

      The new files are a newer version and date. Old version was 8.7.1 and the new version is 8.8.0.

      Like I said, I did this all the time with InstallShield and never had problems. I can't see what I am doing wrong/different.

      Again, any help pointing me the right path would be appreciated.



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        Hello again, there appears to be something wrong with your minor upgrade. I see a message about an upgrade rule violation in the log:

        MSI (c) (D4:00) [08:26:18:307]: SELMGR: ComponentId '{6F2871D9-CA89-4C0D-88B9-ADAD9727C42C}' is registered to feature 'Complete', but is not present in the Component table. Removal of components from a feature is not supported!
        MSI (c) (D4:00) [08:26:18:307]: SELMGR: Removal of a component from a feature is not supported

        You may want to add MSIENFORCEUPGRADECOMPONENTRULES=1 and process your MSI directly, not using a bootstrapper, and see what else you get in the log file. If you make these changes in your product, you may need to implement a major upgrade.

        Please have a look here for more info:

        Set the MSIENFORCEUPGRADECOMPONENTRULES property to 1 on the command line or in the Property table to apply the upgrade component rules during small updates and minor upgrades of a particular product.



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          Not sure why it was trying to remove a feature, the feature was from a merge module and that module didn't change.

          I switched to a Major upgrade and I am doing an uninstall of the previous version. It seems to be working now. Had to do a few goofy things but they are probably specific to my install.

          Thanks for the help and pointing me in the right direction.