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Missing localisation entries from WIX output

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  • Missing localisation entries from WIX output

    Hi there,

    This is more of an observation than anything, I've got a work around, not sure if it's a limitation of WIX output or a bug.

    I've added support for the Firewall extension by using WIX fragments as detailed here,

    This works great in MSI Factory, but we do not build our installer directly in MSI Factory, we output WIX so that our standard TFS build process can be used. When outputting to WIX and using the Firewall extension, some localisation strings are omitted from the (in my case) English-US.wxs file that prevent WIX from building, these items are,


    <String Id="WixSchedFirewallExceptionsInstall" Overridable="yes"><![CDATA[Configuring Windows Firewall]]></String>
    <String Id="WixSchedFirewallExceptionsUninstall" Overridable="yes"><![CDATA[Configuring Windows Firewall]]></String>
    <String Id="WixRollbackFirewallExceptionsInstall" Overridable="yes"><![CDATA[Rolling back Windows Firewall configuration]]></String>
    <String Id="WixExecFirewallExceptionsInstall" Overridable="yes"><![CDATA[Installing Windows Firewall configuration]]></String>
    <String Id="WixRollbackFirewallExceptionsUninstall" Overridable="yes"><![CDATA[Rolling back Windows Firewall configuration]]></String>
    <String Id="WixExecFirewallExceptionsUninstall" Overridable="yes"><![CDATA[Uninstalling Windows Firewall configuration]]></String>
    <String Id="msierrFirewallCannotConnect" Overridable="yes"><![CDATA[Cannot connect to Windows Firewall. ([2] [3] [4] [5])]]></String>


    I get around this by adding them manually to my English-US.wxs file.

    Hi there, So there are a few standard extensions that I'd like to use in my installer project, but I don't see how to use them. For example, I would like to use the Firewall extension to create a rule on install. How do I achieve this? I assume it's possible as the product page says it supports