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Admin Installation - Property not updated

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  • taubitzj
    Sorry, of course i startet msiexec wtih /a for an Administrative Setup

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  • taubitzj
    started a topic Admin Installation - Property not updated

    Admin Installation - Property not updated


    i want to create an Administrative Setup, i start msiexec /i setup.msi.
    i have a Property "NetworkShare" in Project Settings with Option "Save value during admin installation"
    i create a Custom Action to this Property and want to set the Value to \\[ComputerName]\setups
    i execute this Action in a new WelcomeDlg in AdminUISequence and see the Result on the next StepDlg.

    This works

    But if i start the Network msi, the Property have still the default Value, not the modified Value by the Custom Action in the MSI Property Table.

    Whats wrong? Must i execute the Custom Action at a special Point to save the Value in the createtd network Setup.msi File?

    In the AdminUISequence there are only three Dialogs (Install Completed, User Abort. and Fatal Error) Is that right and all to create a full Administrative Setup?