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    I'm trying to create an MSI which copies files into a folder, these files inclue an exe, how do I set up MSI factory so that it will run the exe after the event of copying files? I have used autoplay extensivley but have no experience with MSI Factory and can't find a code window to do a File.Run.

    Any help would be much appreciated??

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    You find this in the FAQ.



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      Thanks for your prompt response as always Ulrich however my problem is slightly different to the RunAfterInstall.msifact FAQ. In my project all I wish to click on is the .msi and then the files are copied program files and then on completion of the compying of those files the exe that is copied is run which will in turn run a silent install of the driver i have. In your example it shows that the exe runs on the selection of a combo box, how would I go about doing it from just clicking the .msi installation???


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        Hi Ulrich could you tell me if this is possible as am currently on a trial version but will purchase the full edition if it is!


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          If you want to install the driver always, then you wouldn't need to present the user with an option. All you need is to follow the instructions, and ignore the checkbox part as well as the condition ("RUN_APPLICATION=1"). You should not set a condition, so it will be executed always.

          You should note that, if the secondary installer needs to be run as administrator, you need to run it deferred. Deferred Custom Actions must be timed between InstallInitialize and InstallFinalize, so effectively the executable will be started before the final dialog of the installer is shown. This means that it can't be a MSI, and you might need to use a merge module for the driver instead.



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            Hi Ulrich I'm struggling to understand this, as I don't want any dialog's shown at all, I need an MSI, however all I want to do is copy the files to program files, which is what I'm doing and then run the Setup.exe which is set to run silently. Could you take a look at my project and suggest what I'm doing wrong if possible;


            Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!!


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              You need to set a Timing for your Custom Action. "After InstallFinalize" might work. You may want to run the MSI with a verbose log file, so you can see if the Custom Action was executed, the Setup.exe was run successfully, etc.




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                Many Thanks Ulrich, that seems to have done the trick for me!

                One more question, In that project I have no dialogues set to run however, when I run my MSI I get a Dialogue with a message saying Please Wait While Windows configures ..........., there is also a progress bar on this dialogue.

                Is it possible for me to;
                (A) Completely remove this dialogue or hide it
                (B) Edit it, beacause I can't seem to find this in Dialogues options in the user interface?


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                  This message comes from Windows Installer while it processes your MSI package. If you don't want this, you need to run msiexec.exe with a "/q" parameter. You can do this on the command line, or if you build your installer as a bootstrapped executable, where you can add this argument in the code.

                  msiexec /i setup.msi /qn