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Ask user if they want a shortcut in the StartUp folder to automatically run the app?

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  • Ask user if they want a shortcut in the StartUp folder to automatically run the app?

    I would like to create a new dialog screen in MSI Factor that asks the user if they want 2 of the .exe files in the install to run automatically when they log into Windows. I have a new dialog that has 2 checkboxes that correspond to each of the apps.

    In Windows, I believe the way to do this is to put a shortcut into the Startup folder in Windows.

    How would you go about doing this in MSI Factory?

    I thought of 2 ways...possibly, but not sure of the actual implementation.

    1. Create the shortcuts in MSI Factory using the Shortcut option, but only enable them if the checkbox is set to checked? I'm not sure how to toggle the creation based on the checkboxes in the Startup dialog screen.

    2. Create shortcut files (.lnk) and add them to the list of installable files, with a destination directory of the Startup folder, but only install them if the checkbox is checked on the Startup dialog screen.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    I believe the better way is the first method you mentioned. Use the "Shortcuts" option in the System Editors pane on the left, and create the shortcut to the desired file, in the proper location (desktop, startup folder, etc.). Then, go to the Component manager, and set a condition on the shortcut. Probably you should use a Property in a comparison, where the Property is being set on the dialog where you asked the user if he wants the shortcut created.



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      Thanks Ulrich. With your advice I was able to achieve what I was after.

      I used MSI Factory's Create Shortcut option to create the shortcuts, and then set a condition that corresponded to the property of the checkbox on the custom screen.

      Works great.

      Thanks again.