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    I'm new to MSIFactory. Just bought version2.2
    I am installing a group of files with two exe programs.
    I created a dialog that has two radio buttons inside a radiobuttongroup.
    The radio button determines which feature I install. The difference is the one exe.
    This exe has a shortcut (desktop and AppFolder). When I do not install this exe, the MSI still created the shortcut, with a default icon, on the desktop adn and entry in the Start Menu. Of course when I click either Windows cannot find it and offers me to let me browse for it. (Hmm..)

    Any thought?

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    How have you set up the shortcuts?



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      Radio Buttons

      In the opening window of MSIFactory in the table that list the components I right click on the file and select File Properties. Under the tab Shortcuts I check Desktop and Start menu->App Shortcut folder. Under the tab Component I _did_ select Edit Component and had a Condition. I have removed the "condition" and no longer get the "default icon"

      I now have two list created in the feature dialog started from the toolbar (third icon)
      I have one list with the optional file, one without. Each list ("Complete" and "NOT_WITH_LIB") gets a level 1 and 0 condition. Based on what I have in the RadioButtonGroup. Level 1 -> NEW_RADIOBUTTONGROUP_PROPERTY_0003 <> Control_1_radiobutton_01. Level 0 -> change <> to =. Reverse for the second feature list. I can change the conditions and get to install one or the other. But always the <>, I cannot get the = condition to be true.
      Thanks for the help.