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InstallDirDlg Path Issue

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  • InstallDirDlg Path Issue

    I have an installation that installs files to a bin folder [INSTALLDIR] as well as a sub-folder.

    If I set the install path by typing the path directly into the InstallDirDlg text field, the bin files go to this path (good) but the sub-folder is always created under the default path that was displayed when the InstallDirDlg opened (bad).

    If I instead used the Browse... button and set the path in this dialog either by directly typing or by using the mouse to select a folder it works correctly.

    My workaround is to force the user to use the Browse... button but I would like to support the option to type the path into the InstallDirDlg text field. Is there a way to make this work?

    Using MSI Factory on Windows Vista. I haven't tried XP to confirm that the behavior is OS independent.