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New Version Available: 2.1.1002.0

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  • New Version Available: 2.1.1002.0

    Today (June 23, 2008) we have released a new version of MSI Factory (v2.1.1002.0). To get the latest version, select Help > Check for Update from the menu and download the new full installer from your customer portal.

    This release contains several bug fixes and features:
    • Feature: Updated the WiX distribution to version 3.0.4214.0.
    • Feature: Added 7 new folders that can be returned by the Shell.GetFolder action in the bootstrapper and LuaScript DLL.
    • Feature: Added action to bootstrapper and LuaScript DLL: System.GetOSProductInfo.
    • Feature: Added OS detection support for Windows XP SP3 and Windows Server 2008 to the Launch Conditions.
    • Feature: Added a new parameter called "WaitForReturn" as well as return code support to the Shell.Execute action in the bootstrapper and LuaScript DLL.
    • Feature: Added the "Media" column to the main MSI Factory view.
    • Feature: Made it so that the code signing output is redirected to the build output.
    • Fix: A bug where the LUAScript custom action was not working properly when referenced from multiple controls on a dialog.
    • Fix: Fixed an issue with the Windows Server 2003 launch condition.
    • Fix: Fixed an issue with the bootstrapper and LuaScript DLL where it would not run on Windows 9X systems. They will now both run on Windows 95 and up with Internet Explorer 4.01 (Version 4.72.2106.8) or later installed.
    • Fix: Fixed an error where the IIS Web Application Extension was not saving the verb properly.
    • Fix: Fixed an error in the Indigo Rose Script Editor where the tabs were losing focus.