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  • Little question

    I make some msi packages for gpo.
    It`s very easy to build them. I was very happy to make it souch easy.
    I tested gpo install on admin account. It`s work great. When i needed to setup package on user computer, i selected to install software to D drive. When setup completed i didn`t see folder at D drive. I found it in Programs files.
    So Question is why msi install in selected folder at admin account and why at user account it setuped to program files?
    If it`s my configuration error can you tell me how to make msi to setup in user selected folder?

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    The InstallDirDlg dialog changes the value of the INSTALLDIR folder property. When the dialog changes that folder property, it changes the destination for everything that is installed to that folder (or one of its subfolders in the Folders editor).

    It sounds like you might have your files configured to be installed to some other path -- for example, directly to [ProgramFilesFolder] -- that isn't affected by the value of INSTALLDIR.

    Check the folder tree (Project > Folders), and check the destination folder for your files.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]