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  • CD Requirements

    Hi Gang:
    OK, I looked over the FAQs, searched the posts, checked help. Couldn't find this info...forgive me if I overlooked it.

    What does everyone say the minimum requirement is for the CDs that are produced with Autoplay Media [Menu] Studio?

    For instance, the menu that I am distributing right now is very simple. Just links to external files. Nothing fancy. No video, no scripts, etc. It was developed using AMS3.

    Customer wants minimum requirements for packaging. Does anyone have suggestions to min requirements that have worked for you in the past?

    Thanks for your insight.


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    Re: CD Requirements

    I'd say Windows 95... that's about it.

    It should work on Windows 3.1, but man, if you're using Windows 3.1, you deserve to have your computer nuked while running a simple EXE.
    Windows 3.1 is so old-school... ****, my old computer (and I mean OLD!) was a 386 *shudders*. Yeah, you thought your computers were slow... (maybe?). 386. The **** thing DIDN'T EVEN HAVE a CD-ROM (lol!). Just room for a big-ass floppy... or whatever yah call 'em.. but man, those disks sure burn up well. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Anyway, the point is, a built Autoplay is an EXE... not really a program you're running (well yah, but you aren't running Autoplay Media Studio).

    Anyway, I'm sure I said something wrong and someone will be here to correct me... I'm outta here.


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      Re: CD Requirements

      One of the very best things about the AutoPlay Studio runtime is that it was designed to work on even very basic systems with minimal memory, disk space, CPU power etc. Obviously, things work *better* with a bigger/faster/newer system, but it will still run on Windows 95 with standard Windows 95 system requirements.


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        Re: CD Requirements

        That is kind of what I figured. I had already put Microsoft's Win95 min requirements on the packaging, but thought I would make sure.

        Thanks everyone!