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    Need Help. Just got AutoPlay 4 and converted an autoPlay 3 project. What I am trying to do is Find out if Microsoft Project 2000 is installed on a machine and if it not pop up a message that says so and then exit the automenu. If it does exist then continue on with the AutoPlayMenu I have created. Please Help. I did the in Autoplay 3 but don't get AutoPlay 4 and how to do this.

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    Re: File Find

    Pretty much the same way as before. Use the File actions, or the Registry actions...whatever you need to check to detect the presence of MS Project.

    To search for a file, use a "File - Search" action. To check to see if any Project 2000 file associations exist, use a "File - Get Default Viewer" action.

    Go to Project > Settings, click on the Actions tab, select the "On Initialize" event, and set up your actions there.
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