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Problem with program closing

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  • Problem with program closing

    I am test driving the Autoplay Media Studio 4.0 (trial)and I am having a problem with the program constantly closing on me whenever I click a button, particularly when setting actions. Why is this so? It's driving me crazyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Sometimes I can avoid it closing, by clicking the mouse very slowly.

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    Re: Problem with program closing

    Hi davinci

    There could be a bunch of reasons for this. Can yu provide some more info please:

    [*]Windows version[*]System spec[*]Other applications you may have running[*]What you are doing / have done in AutoPlay Media Studio 4 when the application closes

    This may help to narrow it down a bit
    = Derek
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      Re: Problem with program closing

      I have the following set up:
      Windows XP,
      Athlon 1.15 ghz,
      512 Ram,
      Matrox video card, Sound blaster sound card,
      Microsoft IntelliMouse.

      I am using Autoplay Media Studio to create a menu for home movies on CD-ROM. I am using divx encoding (don't know if it's going to work yet). I have put each clip onto a separate page.
      The problem arises when I change a setting in the "object properties" box and then click "OK" It closes the whole program instead of just the box. If I wait a while and then click the mouse very slowly, I can sometimes avoid the problem.I suspect that it could be the mouse? Maybe I will try a different mouse.


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        Re: Problem with program closing

        Are you using the latest version of the intellimouse software?

        You might want to have a look at the mouse options in the intellimouse software...I don't know what could cause that, though.

        Might also want to do a virus scan on your system...

        Definitely something wacky going on there. Most of us here are using Microsoft mice (including a few intellimice...I personally prefer the symmetrical 5-button Optical) and we've never encountered that kind of behaviour in AutoPlay before.
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          Re: Problem with program closing

          Ah! &^%#&*^)*(*)_@(()&#*^&*^*(@^#& *^*@&%^@$#&@!!!!

          Mine's been doing that every once and a while as well! [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

          I'm pretty much running the same computer as him.
          I figure you guys (on purposely) gave me a "special" version of AMS4 [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] lol

          You guys are lucky I'm a "save" freak! I save after every little thing... just a habbit I guess... a good one too.


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            Re: Problem with program closing

            I just downloaded the latest drivers for my mouse, ran a virus check (nothing) tried a different mouse and it is still closing on me. It's driving me crazy! Sometimes I have to open the program 5 or 6 times before I can make an simple alteration to the object properties. It is taking me ages to complete simple tasks. Any more suggestions?


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              Re: Problem with program closing


              Do you have any specific steps that we could follow? Try adding a Page Template, and then changing one of the Objects properties, does this cause the program to quit?

              What happens if you use the keyboard? Try tabbing to the Ok button and hitting Enter, does this work?

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