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"Import AMS 3.0 file" bug (AHHHHHH)

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  • "Import AMS 3.0 file" bug (AHHHHHH)

    This is a pretty annoying bug, it really gets you mad when you are working on something. Now let me explain what this bug is.

    1) Create a new file, put something on it (anything it doesn't matter).

    2) Click "Import v3.0 Project..." in the file menu.

    3) Pick any 3.0 file.

    4) Watch as your file before disapears without being saved, or even asked to be saved. Many lost hours of work.

    So basically what I'm proposing is have it ask you if you want to save the changes before you import a 3.0 file.


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    Re: "Import AMS 3.0 file" bug (AHHHHHH)

    I have no problem for the importation form AM3.
    the only pb was for the picture, there was not copied


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      Re: "Import AMS 3.0 file" bug (AHHHHHH)

      The problem wasn't the importing, but rather the file being worked on is not saved, or even asked to be saved - and the imported file just takes over. A small bug, yet still a pain in the rear.

      Maybe they will fix this in the next update <hint> <hint> [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

      -VB Guy