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  • Volume Controls within the app

    I am making a piece with Video, Audio, and/or PP slides which will be synched. I would love to add the functionality of sound controls (preferably one I design) for the user to be able to manipulate from within the application. If the app takes up the whole screen then they will not be able to easily get to the volume in the task bar.


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    Re: Volume Controls within the app

    If you want to use a custom designed volume control, you need to do it in flash. It's really easy to do, but you'll have to play your mp3 through your flash object..

    Flash MX has some built in volume controls you can easily customize too.

    I'm attaching a cool AMS template for an mp3 player which features a custom volume control, to download it just click on "atttachment" under my name on the left.

    Honestly though, this other solution which ejay so cleverly came up with might be easier for you to implement: