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Creating a Function/Subroutine for 'Actions'

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  • Creating a Function/Subroutine for 'Actions'

    I'm designing a little 'demo' package of my software using AutoPlay... I'm finding that a lot of my 'Actions' for the images are doing the same thing....

    Is there anyway to set up a function or subroutine that I could call from the ACTION of an image, rather than copy/pasting the same actions into every image?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Re: Creating a Function/Subroutine for 'Actions'

    Not at this time, but it has been suggested before and I believe it's on the list for the future.
    = Derek
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      Re: Creating a Function/Subroutine for 'Actions'

      Actually you can simulate ths easily by adding a flash object which contains your function and then simply calling it via FSCommand. That way if you switched that function in flash the changes would automatically be reflected presentation-wide on all your buttons...

      Thanks to AMS 4.0 you now have all the functioality of Flash and actionscript freely available to your AMS projects. It's very easy to integrate things too, if you have any questions about that just ask.