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Daisy-chaining .mpg's and resetting to beginning

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  • Daisy-chaining .mpg's and resetting to beginning

    My original plan was to only use one .mpg in this presentation, however it could run 250MB to 300MB.

    So I started to test a "daisy-chain":

    1. WMP Object loads .mpg #1
    2. Action on-end-of-stream loads .mpg #2

    This works fine (except for black flickering between videos from my black frame will have to use fade-in & fade-out to/from black in the videos I guess.

    Then I just realized my "Reset" (Replay) action in my own Navigation bar will NOT return to .mpg #1, but #2 (the last .mpg viewed).

    So I also decided I had better try to load a 3rd .mpg and found myself STUCK.

    My Reset/Replay Video Navigation text (buttons) are on several different pages of the project (like documents, contact page, etc.), and when I started this, a "Page.Jump" action back to the video frame page worked okay...when I only had ONE .mpg.

    If a 250MB-300MB .mpg may cause loading problems on older machines, then I need to break it up. At the same time, to make this the viewer can not jump around themselves to video segments out-of-context. be able to Reset/Restart the video chain FROM THE 1ST .mpg.

    Any assistance is appreciated...but I don't do well with text explanations unless in:

    Step 1 =
    Step 2 =
    Step 3 =



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    Re: Daisy-chaining .mpg's and resetting to beginning

    OOOPS...forgot something real important.

    If a person is viewing .mpg #4 and wants to re-play just this segment before moving on, I'm wondering if there is a way to have the following Actions from my Navation menu:

    1. Replay This Segment
    2. Next Segment (but will ONLY work once the current segment has finished).

    Challenges, challenges!



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      Re: Daisy-chaining .mpg's and resetting to beginning

      Just make your replay button load and play MPG #1 instead.

      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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        Re: Daisy-chaining .mpg's and resetting to beginning

        Hmmm...can I combine this with a Page.Jump action? One of the Replay Video triggers is on another page.