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  • Is this action possible?

    Hi there,

    Is this possible to do:

    Let's say my project has 6 pages.

    Pages 1 to 5 all have a button with a "Page.Jump" action to Page 6.

    Page 6 has a single small image object.

    This is what I want to do:-

    If I come from Page 1 into Page 6, I want the "Image Object" in Page 6 to be in a certain position.
    If I come from Page 2 into Page 6, the "Image Object" must be in another position and so on for the other pages…

    Is this possible? If so, any ideas how?


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    Re: Is this action possible?

    Why not just have Page 6 and Page 7 with the objects in different positions (duplicate the rest of the page content)?



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      Re: Is this action possible?

      Yes, this is possible. Here's how:

      - assign the name of the page being jumped from to a variable like %FromPage%

      - you can't move Image Objects at run time, so you'll need to put multiple Image Objects on the page, and then use "Page - Show Object" and "Page - Hide Object" actions to show the one that is in the appropriate position, according to the value that is currently in your %FromPage%'ll need some IF and END IF actions to do that. You'll probably want to do all of this on Page 6's "On Initialize" event.
      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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        Re: Is this action possible?

        Thanks for the reply Eric,
        Problem is that the actual project has 110 pages. 49 of those pages would have 49 different image positions...The other pages 20 and less.


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          Re: Is this action possible?

          Thanks Lorne,

          I will try that. You wouldn't have an example of a script lying around, would you? :-)


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            Re: Is this action possible?

            Egads that last page is going to be a veritable rat's nest...

            Corey Milner
            Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software