I am very new to AMS3. And trying to evaluate AMS4. I use AMS3 on a friends' computer. It was a 4 page menu all comtaining small avi files. The problem is that that the project also contains some MP3 files and while the MP3 file is playing and when it comes to play the AVI files at the same time there occurs gaps and delays both in the MP3 and AVI file. I think this problem arises from the fact that both files are read and run from the CDROM itself and it takes some time delay to read from CDR both files at the same time. And my questions are;

1.Is there a way to play both files smoother at the same time in AMS3?

2. Instead of playing a single MP3 file, I prefer to run diffrent MP3 files one ofter another and for this purpose I added all these MP3 files to the action list in Project settings. The point is that first MP3 file plays and all the music stops (I can't skip automatically to coming files although they are listed in the actions list). Is there any way to play MP3 files one after another in AMS3?