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Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

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  • Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

    I have build the Porject on xp 1600 Mhz and it runs beatiful without any problems.But when I put the cd on the other PC
    Windows me 1000 Mhz 256 memory , it says :
    ERROR: access viloation at OXBFF6BBO7(tried to write to 0X00C4999) program terminated.
    It happens when I try to run the media player.
    Some videos play, some dont.
    And then this error message comes and terminates the program?

    What am I doing wrong?

    thank you for your help.

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    Re: Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

    What if you make an AutoPlay application that doesn't use Media Player objects? Does that work any better? Have you tried re-installing the latest version of Media Player on the system?


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      Re: Any Idea What this Error code means????????????


      It works fine without media player,if I do not press the button which activates the media player,the error message does not come up.Only when I try to run the movie.

      I am about the upgrade media player on this pc but,even if it works, what if the viever has not latest media player?


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        Re: Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

        You can set a "minimum" media player version on the Requirements tab of the Project Settings dialog. If the user has an older version, they'll be told to upgrade. You can even give them an easy link to download a newer version.
        --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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          Re: Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

          Thank you for the advice.

          Is it legal to supply the program(media player upgrade) in the cd and give the user the option to install from the CD?

          It is the same thing when they download from the web,but much quicker this way.

          But I do not know the laws about it.

          I would apprecate the advice on this.



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            Re: Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

            Here's a link to the Windows Media Player distribution page, let us know if you find out anything cool:

            Click here

            Corey Milner
            Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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              Re: Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

              OK I have downloaded the latest Media Player, but still the same problem.
              It has to do something with "codecs"

              I have activated the status window in Media Player:

              And it tries to connect to internet.

              connecting to internet-problem solved.

              When Pc Is online there is no problem, it downloads the codecs and shows the video.

              But when I disconnect from the internet, same thing happens
              then the error message.

              One thing I cannot understand is: why media player does not keep this codecs and has to downlad fresh every time when mpeg 1 starts?

              I know it is not AMS4 problem,but I am not a programmer.

              Can you please help, how can I get around it to make the CD work in other PC s?


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                Re: Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

                Dear Corey,

                As written above I have just figured out,the problem is with downloading codecs.

                So probably with older version media player it would work too provided I can download the codecs somehow into cd or maybe tell the viewer,that codecs are missing an he has to go to internet? what a hassle.....

                Would changing format from mpeg 1 to mpeg 2 help?


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                  Re: Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

                  Media Player can be distrubuted after filling a license form and obtaining a licence.



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                    Re: Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

                    Thanks for the shortcut. Ok I am no codec wizard, Eric Darling can handle that question quite handily but you are definitely correct in assuming that your issue lies with the codec.

                    Just a note, Media Player downloads interpretive codecs to translate footage but it doesn't install full versions of those codecs on your system.

                    Now before you sigh think about the ramifications of people being able to arbitrarily download and execute files on your system via your Media Player. Like the Mexican Bee on the Simpsons says, "Oy-Oy-Oy!".

                    Corey Milner
                    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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                      Re: Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

                      Well, for starters MPEG-1 IS a codec. You can't have a codec within another codec. MPEG-2 would be another. We may be getting into a deeper discussion about video formats.

                      DIVX, for instance, is its own format, although it's based on MPEG-4, it's not MPEG-4. To successfully play a DIVX encoded clip, you'll need to make sure the DIVX package is installed on your client computer.

                      There are many other cases where vendors develop MPEG based formats, but then, those are not classifiable as MPEG-1 or MPEG-2. Ligos has GoMotion, as an example.

                      Furthermore, don't confuse manufacturers of MPEG encoding software/hardware as manufacturers of proprietary MPEG-1 codecs. Tsunami makes a great MPEG encoder, but it kicks out standard MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files. There's no such thing as a Tsunami MPEG format.

                      So, what's happening here then? You might ask. Well, I would be willing to bet that your file is actually not in MPEG-1 format. It's a proprietary or non-MPEG variant. Such as Windows Media (asf, wmv), perhaps. I have heard of situations out of certain 3D programs where AVI files are created with an MPG extension, and run fine in Windows Media Player since WiMP can figure it out sometimes. But those same files will fail miserably in a multimedia authoring tool that inherently understands MPEG-1, for example.

                      Do some deeper digging on the origin of these videos. Find out what software created them, on what computing platform. Find out what the options were on export. Report back, and we can sleuth this some more.
                      Eric Darling
                      eThree Media


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                        Re: Any Idea What this Error code means????????????

                        Dear Eric,

                        I must really congratule you for your support.Because it goes even beyond AMS4, yesterday I found out while looking solution for the problem,That microsoft charges 35 $ US for E-Mail support for their own software.

                        So those Videos are: I have downloaded from DV camera and edited with ulead media studio. Ulead have the option to create mpeg1 or mpeg 2 files on different resaolutions.

                        If I run it in winxp s media player , and look at the properties:

                        audio codec=mpeg

                        video codec=mpeg

                        It recognizes it.

                        But running the same videos on windows me media player 7.01

                        lookiing at the properties:

                        audio codec=unknown

                        video codec=unknown

                        saving as avi is out of question because they are becoming too large.

                        I have another option to open the files with Windows movie maker,and save them in wmf format but again.I do not know if this format compatible with all windows media player. WMovieMaker does not show file extensions,it only says video for broadband, video for cd, etc.
                        I have tried video for cdr with 1500 kbps but some of the clips still does not show on winme media player 7.01
                        Dear Eric, you are dealing here vith a novice movie editor, I do not understand all the codecs and movie language.All I want to choose 1 format it can play on all windows and media player plattforms.

                        Error message:

                        When i try to run this videos error sign is:

                        Thank you for your help.


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                          Codec Problem Solved!

                          Dear Eric,

                          I have tried different encoders,without sucess, then i took the Cd to work to a PC with exactly same configuration.It worked there.

                          Uninstalling Internet Explorer 6, then re installing windows Me fixed the problem.

                          Media player recognizes the videos now without going into internet and searching/downloading the codecs every time I run the cd.

                          Also the error message and crash disappeared.

                          I still do not know what was the problem,but if nothing helps try to re install windows :-)

                          Please add this Mpeg decoder into your list, because it is cheap fast and good, also it makes Mpeg to Mpeg conversions faster then real time.

                          Main concept Mpeg encoder

                          thank you Brett,Lorne and Corey for the support.


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                            Re: Codec Problem Solved!

                            D'oh! Windows ME. I should have guessed. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
                            Eric Darling
                            eThree Media