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  • Basic Layup Question

    Ok...I am getting ready to do my first real project in 4.0. This will be a collection of 8 CD-ROMS that are image catalogues for the clients.

    I plan to include an overall PDF catalogue on each CD, even though each CD will only contain 25 of the 170 or images.

    The CD will load up with an HTML browser window describing the contents of the CD, how to open the folder with the high-res images, provide a link to potentially install Reader if necessary.

    So...two questions...

    Does it make sense to put all my pre-fab in the Distribution folder now, and then begin the layup?

    Any other pitfalls I might encounter with this basic construction?



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    Re: Basic Layup Question

    Hi AK. Gee I'd love to help but I'm not too sure about the first question. Although I would probably copy everything to the Resources folder if it was me.

    But if was doing 8 CDs I would have 8 different projects, all based upon a single page template so I would use 8 different Resources folders so that I wasn't adding a bunch of irrelevant files to each CD.

    As to the second question, I assume "layup" means the same thing as "layout"? Personally I would create the first one (CD 1 of 8) first and hash through all the bugs, test it out fully, etc. Then I would use that as a template to quickly scoot through and re-content for the remaining 7 CDs. I always do this when faced with a multi-object production project.

    For example this week I created brand new menus for all the Indigo Rose product CDs, as well as installer graphics, etc. as we have recently re-profiled our product branding. The work order came down from Brett basically as a request to create a specific number and size of graphics for each product.

    So, since the sizes and number were uniform from product to product I simply created the first set (for AMS) and then used those files as a template to build the remaining 3 sets.

    Anyhoo that's how I do it, seems fast, but it's by no means the only way, just another way...

    Whatever you do though do not make the mistake I see most designers make and do things concurrently, doing things sequentially is much faster, you waste way less time by eliminating repetitive setup tasks. I always try to use a template scheme somehow on every multi-object production project...

    As always we're here for you once you get into the thick of things anyhow so whatever hassles arise we'll work through them with you, and we'll even try to do it for you quickly sop your project doesn't get delayed...

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software


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      Re: Basic Layup Question

      Thanks Corey for the comprehensive response....Yes, you addressed the first questions correctly and the second answer was what I was hoping for...

      I trust everything will go smooth....


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        Re: Basic Layup Question

        It depends on what you want in the end.

        Use the Resources folder (internal files) if you want everything copied into your DATA folder at build time and renamed (which is done to prevent duplicate names from occuring).

        Use the Distribution folder (external files) if you want to have final say about where everything ends up on your CD, and want the files to be more accessible even without the menu, etc.

        Using the Distribution folder will also speed up build time, since the files won't have to be copied into the DATA folder (they're just assumed to already be where they need to be).
        --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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          Re: Basic Layup Question

          Thanks Lorne!

          That helped!