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advice on apms 4.0 re video controls and links

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  • advice on apms 4.0 re video controls and links

    I have a client that has given me a cd-rom that he likes the look and features of. Of course he wants me to incorporate the same feature set in a cd for him.

    Features include:-

    + autorun by opening .exe file
    + plays 1 mpeg file total length but also has descriptive button links to sections within that mpeg file
    + has full controls on video playback i.e. ff, rew, stop, pause, play, full screen, Exit
    + website hyperlinks

    Could someone please advise me if this is all possible with apms 4.0 program. I can post a screen capture of example if required. My apologies if this is a dumb first query!

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    Re: advice on apms 4.0 re video controls and links

    Yes absolutely. If you have AMS or the trial of AMS you can try out the included video player templates for a base look at what's possible in terms of vide controls and how to implement them.

    But yes, all those things are very easily achievable in AutoPlay Media Studio 4.0.

    If you need help with your actual project coding simply ask and ye shall receive.

    Corey Milner
    Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software