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Tabbing between objects = Can it be done in AMS4?

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  • Tabbing between objects = Can it be done in AMS4?

    An AMS3 for some time, I participated in AMS4 beta and now upgraded to AMS4. Still not very experienced...
    (I'm not sure how you can tell if my AMS4 is registered through this forum, but my upgrade was purchased 8/28/02 through DigiBuy, but email address for it was our software buyer so it won't match with mine here. If you need further qualification for support, please let me know what you need. Thanks!)

    I haven't had a need for this feature in the past, but now on a rush project a request was made for capability to TAB between (in this case) Image Objects and highlight the "active" one so pressing Enter would run the action.

    I've scanned through the Help but I found nothing relevant.
    1. Does AMS4 have a simple built-in capability for this?
    2. If not, can it be done with code in AMS4?
    3. Oh yeah, if not, can you add this as suggestion for AMS5?
    I was going to go for wishful thinking and ask for it in a rev of AMS4, but that may be asking too much.

    Any and all assistance is welcomed!

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    Re: Tabbing between objects = Can it be done in AMS4?

    I don't think this can be done for image objects (there isn't any way to set the focus on them with the keyboard, like Windows buttons), although you can assign hotkeys to them...that might be an alternative that your clients could live with.

    You can tab between edit fields, though...the tab order in that case is controlled by the Z-Order of the objects.
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]