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Buttons on Windows XP

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  • Buttons on Windows XP

    Hi out there

    I just create CD with some programs on it to archive for future installatin. I put on background picture and some BUTTONS.
    This is the question!
    When I played the CD on Win 98 and Mill. it work perfect, but on Win. XP Pro the buttons have not transparent colur.
    What I did wrong?
    The version of Autoplay is
    Thanks you all.


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    Re: Buttons on Windows XP

    Ahhhh yes,
    Good question.

    1. Right click on your desktop to get the Display Properties.
    2. Now click on the settings tab.
    3. Make sure your Color Quality is the same on all the machines and it should work.


    The problem of "transparent" background not being transparent on certain machines is due to monitor setting.
    If the colour chosen for background is from a 24 bit pallet (16+ millions of colours), then it will be visible on monitors set for 16 bit (65K)or 8 bit (256) colours, unless you happen to select a colour that is common to all pallets.

    The safest procedure is to use white or black for background since these two colours are common to all pallets.

    Just make sure to use a standard color for background
    --> Like #FFFFFF for white
    --> Like #000000 for black

    Color Safe Pallet 1
    Color Safe Pallet 2