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passwording using SWF files

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  • passwording using SWF files

    Hi I’m making a menu that has like 5 buttons on it that all have different passwords and goto a different page that open a SWF flash file.

    Problem is if the user installs this menu to there hard drive and just opens the swf file in internet explorer then they need no password.

    Any ideas how I can get around this????

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    Re: passwording using SWF files


    This is only a good idea for a CDROM, <font color=red>NOT</font color=red> a website

    This is what I did........

    In flash I made one big .swf. I did not have seperate .swf's but I had seperate scene's. When the entered password in flash is correct, your actionscript shoots over to the proper scene, does NOT load a movie. Doing this only outputs a "Menu1.dav" file which is AMS4 and does not put the Flash .swf in the DATA folder, as it is needed if you are loading a .swf in flash. This way ther are no .swf files in your DATA folder at all. The down side to this is that the .swf is larger, depending on your content.

    I hope this made a little sence.......


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      Re: passwording using SWF files

      It's pretty hard to ask AMS to add protection to flash above and beyond that provided by Macromedia. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

      You can't protect a .swf from the prying eyes of a determined *****er, impossible...

      You could always password protect each .swf...

      Corey Milner
      Creative Director, Indigo Rose Software