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Using Multiple Cds

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  • Using Multiple Cds

    I need to design a project that will span two, or possibly three Cds. I will not have a table of contents. I will want the user to be able to click on a button which will:

    1) Bring up an info dialog box to tell them that they need to insert Cd2

    1) Upon clicking a ready button in the dialog box (indicating that the user has inserted the proper Cd
    2) Automatically execute the appropriate file.

    1) If the user inserts the wrong Cd, to display another dialog box informing him/her of the error and again waiting for them to insert the proper Cd and click 'OK'

    After viewing said file, upon clicking an exit button, I need that button to:

    1) Again bring up an info dialog box telling them to insert Cd1
    2) Take them automatically back to where they were on that Cd.
    3) Once again I would need a dialog box that would handle an incorrect Cd insertion.

    Have I missed any necessary steps to make a smooth and error free transition between Cds? I'm fairly sure I can figure out most of the dialog box parts; but I'm not sure about how to program the error message if the user inserts the wrong Cd. Likewise, what kind of code do I need to use for switching back and forth between the Cds?

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    Re: Using Multiple Cds

    Hi - an easy solution is to have the 'exit button' [or appropriate object] activate the msgbox and use an IF statement for the CD check:

    [Appropriate Object]
    <font color=purple>BEGIN</font color=purple>
    Dialog.Msgbox "Please insert CD 2",OK
    %Files% = File.Search ["",%SrcDir%]
    <font color=blue>IF</font color=blue> [%Files% = %SrcDir%\]
    File.Execute [whatever]
    <font color=blue>ELSE</font color=blue>
    <font color=purple> GOTO [BEGIN]</font color=purple>
    <font color=blue>END IF</font color=blue>

    = Derek
    ["All glory comes from daring to begin" - fortune cookie]


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      Re: Using Multiple Cds

      Ok, I can follow that...

      Now, what do I need to include on Cd2 or 3, other than the files in question? Do I need a resource folder, etc. When the user closes the file, say in a word doc, how would the dialog box be shown on the screen? I know AMS is still running in the background, but ....?


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        Re: Using Multiple Cds

        I'm almost afraid to make this post. Either my earlier question is a real 'poser' OR I must be experiencing another one of those (dumb) moments.

        Any answers out there to my earlier question?